Kindergarten STREAM Fun

For Friday’s Kindergarten STREAM project, classes read Dr. Seuss’ “Ten Apples Up On Top,” then planned and designed a structure to hold up to 10 apples. Great job Sabers!

Grade 4 Engineering Challenge

Today for their STREAM special with Mrs. Poth, 4th graders learned about structural engineering and then tried to build a structure (using Popsicle sticks and tape) that could withstand…

8th Graders Present Prototypes

During their STREAM classes, 8th grade students were tasked with creating a product not currently on the market that could be marketed to consumers.  After developing the concept and sketching it out on paper, students had to use the 3D Design Program Tinkercad to…

Christmastime at SJS 2020

The Christmas Spirit was certainly present at Saint James School these last several weeks! Check out some highlights in this video we shared with SJS families earlier today

2nd Grade Gingerbread Houses

Yesterday our 2nd graders (remote learners included) participated in the much-loved, long-standing tradition of making gingerbread houses to bring home for Christmas. Below are some pictures…

Snow Day Tomorrow

Based on the current forecast, it looks like we will all be enjoying quite a bit of snow tonight and well into the day tomorrow.  While 2020 has been a year filled with change, uncertainty, and compromise, our students and families can hopefully enjoy a little bit of normalcy as we have decided to honor the first big snowfall of the season with a full-fledged SNOW DAY tomorrow (Thursday, December 17th).  This means, the school will be closed and no remote learning will occur.

We hope students and families will take an opportunity to get outside and play; enjoy building a snowman, sledding, hot chocolate and maybe work in a Christmas movie – in other words, we hope you can enjoy a little bit of normalcy on a super snowy mid-week December day.

With that said, we cannot predict what Friday will bring.  If the roads are clear, we will be back in school at the normal time.  If it appears best not to travel on the roads on Friday, we will have a school-wide remote learning day on Friday (December 18th).  In-person students will be coming home with all their materials today just in case.

Make sure you are signed up to receive text/email notifications for “St. James School – Manchester” from NBC30 (Click HERE to sign up) and/or WFSB Channel 3 (Click HERE to sign up).



2020 Tree of Blessings


Our annual Tree of Blessings prayer service, hosted by grade 8 volunteers, typically takes place in the auditorium with all students/staff in attendance. This year, students are praying together in their classrooms as they view the following video:

Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Contest

This Christmas season, the Knights of Columbus are once again conducting their annual Keep Christ in Christmas Poster contest. This contest is open to students in grades K-8 who will compete in one of three age groups:  5-7,   8-10,  or 11-14.  Competition begins at the District level and continues to the Regional and Jurisdictional levels.

This contest is optional, but we would love to have our school widely represented.  If your child enjoys drawing please encourage them to participate.  Students will design and complete their posters at home.  Parents will need to complete and sign a section of the entry form.

The entry form below contains all the rules and judging information about the posters. Completed posters and entry forms (NEED PARENT’S SIGNATURE) need to be submitted by MONDAY, December 21st at 9:00am (new date due/time to possible snow Thursday).

K of C 2020 Poster entry form & Contest Rules



Inclement Weather Policy Reminder

With a chance of snow in the forecast for Wednesday evening into Thursday, we wanted to remind families to sign up for text and/or email alerts for both “Manchester Public Schools” and “Saint James School – Manchester.”  For your convenience, you can click HERE to sign up for alerts from NBC30 and/or HERE to sign up for alerts from WFSB Channel 3.

Inclement Weather Policy 2020-2021

In the event of a school closure, please also check your SJS App Notification Alerts to see if remote learning will be implemented, and if so – whether it will begin at 8:00am or 10:00am.

Air Purifiers Added In Classrooms

We are pleased to announce that the Saint James School Foundation, through their annual allocation to the school, will be helping to fund the purchase and installation of the custom air purifiers that were installed in all of our school’s classrooms this week.  These purifiers use a combination of ultra violet light and hepa filtration, and should offer an additional level of protection from the spread of illness as we enter the winter months.  As always, we are exceptionally grateful to the SJS Foundation board for their ongoing efforts to ensure Saint James School remains a wonderful place for students to grow and learn.