At Saint James School we pride ourselves on following the Catholic tradition of academic excellence.  In addition to offering our students an accelerated learning environment, Saint James School incorporates Christian values, morals, structure, and tradition into everyday life.  Our children experience positive growth academically, spiritually, morally, and socially.

Religion is a fundamental component of our students’ education, but being Catholic is not a prerequisite. Our prerequisites are to have both a willingness to learn and a positive attitude. Students of many different religious denominations make Saint James their school, and their exposure to the Catholic faith adds to their life experiences.

The Saint James Community is comprised of our Pre-Kindergarten program, the Elementary/Middle School, and the Parish of Saint James.  Students in the Pre-Kindergarten program have access to programs and facilities, including the  library and aftercare program, in the “big school.”  Our main building consists of Kindergarten through Grade 8.  Here we function as one school with older children earning responsibilities that include being  reading buddies and church buddies to the younger grades.