The Saint James School graduate exhibits the following:


  • Prays daily to foster a personal relationship with God
  • Demonstrates knowledge and appreciation of the Catholic faith
  • Lives according to the teachings of Jesus Christ
  • Participates in the Sacraments and Traditions of the Catholic faith


  • Is an independent life-long learner
  • Works collaboratively
  • Integrates technology responsibly into daily life
  • Solves problems creatively
  • Applies knowledge gathered from a rigorous curriculum
  • Communicates effectively through listening, speaking, and writing
  • Utilizes critical thinking skills


  • Serves the community with time, talent, and treasure
  • Demonstrates empathy and compassion for others
  • Values and cares for God’s creation
  • Is aware of responsibilities as a local, national, and global citizen


  • Respects self, others, and property
  • Displays integrity, honesty, and responsibility
  • Honors and appreciates family, school, and church communities
  • Models good sportsmanship and exhibits leadership qualities