For over twenty years Saint James School has given its students the opportunity to study instrumental music. Students who participate in the instrumental music program gain the necessary skills to read, appreciate and perform music appropriate to their age and ability. In addition, each individual can further develop his or her skills by playing with a larger group of students in a band. Students learn a variety of social skills in this group setting including responsibility, self-discipline and cooperation.

Instrumental music instruction is offered to interested students at Saint James School through the Future Musicians, Inc. program. Students in grades 4 through 8 may elect to study a band instrument on a rotating schedule once a week during the regular school day. Band rehearsals are held at specific times on this same day.

There is an additional cost for band that is not covered by your child’s school tuition.

Middle school band students have the opportunity to audition for the Eastern regional band. Students from this band go on to audition for the All State bands. For the last five years, St. James has hosted the Eastern Regional Band rehearsals and concert as well as hosting the state wide auditions for the All State Band. The All State Bands perform at Central Connecticut State University in the spring as well as travel to New York to perform on the plaza at Lincoln Center.