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Saint James School in 2022

Annual Fund Donations 2022

Updated 1/11/23


May 5, 2022

As is the case with many privately-funded institutions, Saint James School relies upon donations to its Annual Fund Campaign to help finance necessary expenses that simply cannot be covered by the tuition paid by our families and are not supported by our other funding sources.

Annual fund donations, which come directly to our school, have helped us make many critical improvements in recent years such as bright, energy-efficient windows in the majority of our school and new, energy-efficient roofs over our classrooms and breezeway. The impact of these improvements has been significant and your support – no matter how large or small – does make a difference!

This year Annual Fund donations will be used to further enrich the faith-filled educational experience provided to our students, support our talented faculty, and respond to unforeseen needs and opportunities that may arise (2022 Annual Fund Letter).

We hope that you will consider making a tax-deductible donation to our 2022 Annual Fund Campaign.  There are three simple ways to participate:

1) Mail a donation to:

Saint James School 2022 Annual Fund
73 Park Street
Manchester, CT 06040
(please make checks payable to “Saint James School” and note “Annual Fund” in the comments)

2) Drop off your donation at the school office or church rectory;

3) Make an online donation using a credit card or your PayPal account by clicking on the button below.

For all donations, please include a completed copy of our 2022 Annual Fund Donor Card (click link to view and print).

Matching Gift Programs
Many companies will match their employees’ donations to qualified nonprofit organizations such as Saint James School. Please check to see if your employer will match your gift.

Thank you to all our friends and families who have donated to the SJS 2022 Annual Fund thus far, including:

Pastor’s Circle:

*Elaine Anderson in honor of Paul, Amelia & Madeline Stewart
*Mr. & Mrs. Zyad Carr
*Timothy & Mary Pat Devanney
*Christine Ponticelli in memory of Ray and Carol Ponticelli
*Catherine Robinson in memory of Reverend William L. Burns
*Christopher Williams in honor of Mrs. Zorger

Principal’s Club:

*Dr. Marie-Christine Boucher
*Joseph & Katherine Camposeo in honor of SJS Teachers & Staff
*Mr. & Mrs. Copeland
*The Creamer Family
*James Desautels in memory of Patricia Desautels
*David W. Gay
*Virginia LaFontana
*John D. LaBelle, Jr.
*Jonathan Lindberg in memory of Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Lindberg
*Dr. Kevin A. O’Toole
*The Poth Family
*Christine Sheehan
*Noreen Shugrue & Kevin Kenzenkovic

Blue & Gold:

*Aaron & Kathleen Ansaldi
*Mario Bochiechio
*Eleri Boudreau
*Joseph Brzezinski in memory of Barbara Ann Brzezinski
*Angelee Diana Carta & Tris Carta
*Stephen Carter
*Alex & Jane Corl
*Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Crocini
*Pat Curry
*Jeanette Day in memory of Richard T. Day
*Jonathan George Ellis Leukemia Foundation
*Neil Ellis
*David & Jennifer Fiereck
*Bob Gorman in honor of Marion, Susan, and Maureen
*Dr. Edward Kelly IV
*AJ & Julianne Klaassen in memory of Nancy Popsuj
*Michael Lynch & Brenda Foley-Lynch
*John Marchei
*Dennis & Joyce Morin
*Saranne Murray in memory of Mary Jane Murray
*Dr. Vincent J. Nardone
*Leo Palliardi, Jr. in memory of Loretta Palliardi
*Christopher & Kristie Raymond in memory of Olga & Joan Colavecchio
*Victor Serrambana, Jr.
*Butch & Jodi Talaga

Honor Roll:

*Robert & Anne Cross in memory of Thomas Cross and Chris Ouellette
*Mr. & Mrs. Anthony DeMarco
*Michael & Jodi Desautels
*Julia Flanagan
*David Gendreau
*Maureen Gorman in honor of Bob Gorman
*Stephen Joyner
*Jay Lemelin in memory of Roger & Geri Lemelin
*Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Lewis
*Christopher & Kim Malone
*Bruce Mora in loving memory of Nellie & John Mora
*Souvik Mukherjee
*Ken & Kristin O’Hara
*Alex Rodriguez
*Mark Tweedie
*Don & Marianne Vinci