1st Day Reminders

We are looking forward to a GREAT 1st day of School this coming Thursday, September 2nd. A few reminders – particularly pertaining to our K-8 families:

*Parents: please remember to park in the Saint James Church parking lot or designated areas if you are not using the drop-and-go line.  Please do NOT park in any of the school lots or the Pre-K staff parking area (behind the blue house).

*Dismissal is at 12:05pm on the first day – no lunch will be served.  For students being picked up by a parent or caregiver, afternoon pickup will take place in the parking lot between the main school and the Pre-K like last year (please park and walk up).  Kindergarten will be closest to the grassy area and 8th grade closest to the street – with all other grades sequentially in between.  Please wait for the teacher to dismiss the child to you in an orderly fashion (don’t encourage them to run over to you).  If you also have a student in the Pre-K, please pick that child up first – then proceed to the “big school.”

*After-care/before-care is available on the first day of school.  After-care students should bring lunch from home (no hot lunch served at all this day).  You must be registered for the program for the 2021-2022 school year to have your child attend.  Please email Ms. Jean (jburdick@saintjamesschool.net) with any questions.

*All students should bring a snack and bottle of water on the first day of school.  Per school policy, please limit snacks to fruits and/or vegetables or a healthy protein only – cheese/yogurt.  A bottle of water should be packed with the snack every day.

*Please arrive between 7:30am and 7:50am –  allow yourself plenty of time to park, particularly on the first day when it will be extremely busy around the school.  After 7:50am, your student is tardy and must come in through the front door/check in at the main office.

*Please check your child’s temperature and assess their overall health before leaving the house every day.

Teachers will be reviewing all school guidelines with students over the first few days of school, however, we wish to remind parents of the following for the first day (from our school handbook):

*No make up, nail polish, artificial nails, or artificial “tattoos” are allowed

*Boys’ hair must not touch their shirt collar and must not cover their ears or eyebrows

*Hairpieces, mohawk-style haircuts, designs cut into hair, and outlandish hairstyles are not allowed

*Hair must not be dyed, highlighted, or bleached

*The following jewelry is allowed: one watch, one ring, one thin chain necklace with or without a cross.  Smart watches are NOT allowed.

*Girls are allowed one pair of post earrings worn in the earlobes  (Boys are not allowed to wear earrings)

*Hair must be neat, clean, and well cut

*Students must be in the proper uniform attire

*Students must have an acceptable mask attached to a lanyard when they arrive with a back up mask (or two!) in their backpack.


Please allow extra time in your day for drop-off and pick-up so you are not rushing in at the last minute.  Extra staff will be on hand at both drop-off and pick-up to help guide you to where you need to be.