Parking /Morning Drop-off & Afternoon Pick-Up

Morning drop-off (7:30am-7:50am) and afternoon pick-up (2:00pm) always creates very heavy traffic flow around the school area.   We need every parent to please pay attention to our school protocol for drop-off and parking:

There is NO parking against the curb in front of the main school from 7:30am – 8:00am – this area is used for morning Drop-and-Go only (parents are not allowed to get out of the car with their child – this is only for quick drop-off).

If you would like to walk up to the school with your child, or your child needs a few extra minutes to collect their things before getting out of the car, please park in the acceptable parking areas around the school.  The Saint James Church Parking Lot is always available for you to park and walk up (there is a crossing guard to help you safely cross to the school).

The Map Below shows our Drop-and-Go areas for morning drop-off and areas that are available to park in the morning and afternoons.

Important notes:

* Pay attention to all NO PARKING signs and cones around the school – these areas are off limits for a reason.

* Do not let your child cross the road anywhere other than the crosswalks.

* No parking in front of the breezeway or where the buses park (Church St.) at dismissal time.

* No parking in the big lot between the main school and the Pre-K building

* Only very slow, cautious turns onto Otis Street, please.

* Do not double park.

* Never let your child jump out towards the street.

* Do not park in St. Mary’s Church Parking Lot

* Do not park in the grassy driveway behind the blue house.  This is for SJS Staff only (and is marked as such).

* Don’t break the parking laws just because you are running late.

There are numerous children, parents, and staff members walking up to the school in the mornings.  Please drive SLOW and watch your surroundings very carefully at all times!

Please be sure share this information with anyone who drops off or picks up your children.  We want to ensure everyone has a safe start to their school day every day.

We are excited for a great year!!