Yankee Candle Fundraiser

Based on positive feedback from our Spring Yankee Candle fundraiser, we are sending home with your child the Yankee Candle Fall/Holiday catalog.  Some students will bring them home today, others will receive them to bring home on Tuesday.

Orders can be placed until 10/25/2013 (note extension from the date in the packet) so that we can ensure delivery to you before our Thanksgiving break.

You will see that there are some great hostess gift ideas for those of you who are traveling for the Holidays as well as some wonderful Christmas gift ideas.

This year, Yankee Candle has also provided  a website so that out of town friends and relatives who would like to support the school can also participate in this fundraiser.

As always, participation in our fundraisers is voluntary.   If you can find something you can use or get some of your holiday shopping done, we certainly appreciate your support.

Any questions can be directed to Ailsa Christina at t4bearkwi@yahoo.com or Mary Ann Creamer at ma1283@att.com.