Tips on Social Emotional Learning: Self-Awareness

As mentioned in Friday’s email, over the final few weeks of school we will be sharing information on different Social Emotional Skills. Developing and nurturing these skills in our children can help them become happy, productive, and successful adults as they appreciate how to think and act in stressful or challenging situations.

Today we wanted to share information on Self-Awareness, another one of 8 critical areas of importance for well-being. Here is some information about this topic and how to use the “Successes and Strengths” strategy to keep things positive at home: Self-Awareness

Keep In Mind: It can be very natural for parents and caregivers to pay more attention to feelings that concern us.  If we can practice paying attention to how we react to whatever children share with us, we may find ourselves able to relish the enjoyable feelings as thoroughly as we attend to challenging emotions.

Here are some creative ways to promote and encourage Self-Awareness in your home:

* Have everyone in the family make a poster with their own version of Emoticon faces to show a variety of feelings they have had. Label each Emoticon and then each discuss a time when you encountered that feeling.

* Have your child keep a journal.

* Have your child complete an About Me worksheet. Discuss their answers.