First Day of School Transportation Note

It is strongly suggested that parents send in a note with their student(s) tomorrow – specifically new students and those in the younger grades – detailing how their child(ren) will be getting home on the first day and on subsequent days.

1)  If your child taking a bus home, please specify what number – see bus schedule below.

St James 2014 2015 Bus Schedule

2)  If your child is going to be picked up after school, please note they will be (what we term) a “walker.”   As a reminder for new parents, all children being picked up after school are walked down to the Saint James Church parking lot by the teachers and staff.  Please do not come to the school office or take them out of line before they reach the Church parking lot.  Also, please plan for afternoon pick-up to be very busy – especially the first day of school – you will want to arrive early.  Please get out of your car and meet your student(s) at the entrance to the church parking lot at 12:05pm.

3) Children going to aftercare on the first day of school will need a lunch from home.  When you come to pick-up your child, you may park in front of the school.  Ring the buzzer at the BREEZEWAY door, then proceed down to the school cafeteria, for aftercare pickup.