Attention In-Person Learner Families

As a reminder, for students who are normally “in-person” learners, the option to switch to remote learning is reserved only for students who are going to be absent from school for a duration of time due to COVID-related reasons (showing symptoms, possible exposure, awaiting test results, quarantining due to travel, etc.).  A phone call to the school nurse should take place prior to the switch and the nurse will alert the teacher.

If a student is unable to come to school because they had a late night or a parent had car troubles (i.e. personal reasons), the student will be marked absent from school that day (just as they would have prior to this school year) and the work will be made up by the student the following day in school.  The time spent working through the nuances of remote learning for just one day takes away from class time and places an unfair burden on the teacher.

The original post stating the guidelines for remote learning, which has been sent out a few different times, can be found HERE.