Reminder: Tomorrow’s Field Day – Grades Pre-K through 5th

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is Field Day for grades Pre-K – 5th Grade.   Students should wear their SJS gym shorts and gym sneakers with the color designated below.  Please remember to apply sunscreen to children in the morning as they will be outside for most of the day.  Students should also bring a water bottle labeled with their name.   School lunch WILL be provided tomorrow.

For parents who have signed up to bring watermelon (please cut into wedges), please drop that off in the breezeway either at morning drop-off or by 9:00am.   Water balloons should be dropped off by the Pre-Kindergarten fence at morning drop-off or by 9:00am.

T-Shirt Colors:

Pre-K – White

K – Red

1st – Orange

2nd – Yellow

3rd – Green

4th – Blue

5th – Purple

Teachers – Pink