Online Safety Presentation and School Report

A huge thank you to all the parents who came out last night for the 2019 State of the School Address.  Support from our parent community is one of the many reasons why SJS continues to be THE largest Catholic elementary/middle school in the Archdiocese of Hartford.  We are grateful to have so much positive news to share with our families.

Definitely the highlight of last night was the presentation from State Police Officer Kate Cummings.  It was quite eye-opening!

As a school resource officer, Trooper Cummings is with middle and high school kids on a daily basis and has had the opportunity to gather information through her work that even our most tech savvy parents among us were not aware of (never mind the rest of us).  For those that couldn’t make it, we found this web article from NBC that gives just a small snippet of what Trooper Cummings shared with us last night (understandably they did not want us to video the presentation so there could be open discussion, etc.).

Also joining us last night was Sargent Krawec from the Manchester Police.  Sargent Krawec specializes in technology-related and internet crimes right here in town.  We are very grateful to both Trooper Cummings and Sargent Krawec for volunteering their time last night to help us help our parents be more informed.