Middle School Dance (2/8)

Once a year, Saint James School gives its students the opportunity to bring a friend to one of our middle school dances hosted at Saint James School. On February 8th, Saint James School students (only) may invite a friend to come to the dance with them.

The friend must bring a signed permission slip to the dance and the $5.00 “entrance fee” applies for the guest.  Bring-a-Friend Dance permission slips are on the Saint James School website (under the calendar entry for Friday’s dance) or by clicking Here.

Saint James School students that bring a friend will receive a raffle ticket and one raffle ticket for their guest. There will be extra prizes raffled off that evening.

Since this dance is being hosted at Saint James School we are asking for the following from our Saint James School attendees:
Saint James School Students:

    • 6th Graders please bring individually wrapped snacks;
    • 7th & 8th Graders please bring a gallon of water.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Beth Holcomb (bah.cats@cox.net) or
Nancy Brennan (nd.brennan@snet.net)