Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Contest

This Christmas season, the Knights of Columbus are once again conducting their annual Keep Christ in Christmas Poster contest. This contest is open to students in grades K-8 who will compete in one of three age groups:  5-7,   8-10,  or 11-14.  Competition begins at the District level and continues to the Regional and Jurisdictional levels.

This contest is optional, but we would love to have our school widely represented.  If your child enjoys drawing please encourage them to participate.  Students will design and complete their posters at home.  Parents will need to complete and sign a section of the entry form.

The entry form below contains all the rules and judging information about the posters. Completed posters and entry forms (NEED PARENT’S SIGNATURE) need to be submitted by MONDAY, December 21st at 9:00am (new date due/time to possible snow Thursday).

K of C 2020 Poster entry form & Contest Rules