K-8 Morning Dropoff Reminder

Parents:  Please remember that if you are utilizing the “drop-and-go” drop-off area (in front of the main school) between 7:30am – 7:55am, you should NOT be getting out of your car.

If you wish to park to help your child in the morning, please utilize one of our numerous morning parking areas:

St. James Church Lot
St. Mary’s Church Lot
Church Street (after the buses leave at 7:30am)
Otis Street
St. James Street
Park Street in front of/past the Pre-K (both sides).

You may also utilize the staff lot between the main school and the Pre-K (passed the reserved parking sign) if need be.

Also, we are still seeing people park in areas marked by the town as “NO PARKING” (esp. in front of the white house that is across from the school’s main entrance). Please do not park there as it creates an unsafe situation with the high traffic in the crosswalks in the morning.

Thank you again for sharing this information with the person who brings your child/ren to school in the mornings and for helping us ensure the safety of all our students, parents, and staff.