Important Notice

Today we were made aware of two additional positive cases of Covid-19 among individuals in our school community.  These new cases are completely unrelated to each other, and unrelated to the two cases from last week.  While it was inevitable that we would have some Covid cases in our school community, having several independent cases within a week of each other is a good reminder that this virus is still out there and impacting families.  We are extremely grateful to parents for continuing to conduct those important health assessments each day before school and erring on the side of caution when it comes to illness.  Please know those efforts are making a difference.

As is our policy, if your child was impacted due to a direct exposure and needs to quarantine, you have ALREADY received a personal phone call from Mrs. Zorger (Principal) or our school nurse, Mrs. Vignati to discuss the situation.  If your child was in a classroom with a positive case, you received a separate email notification from the school earlier today.  For all other families, please continue to be vigilant and reach out to either Mrs. Zorger or Mrs. Vignati with any questions.