2nd Grade Gingerbread Houses

Yesterday, our 2nd graders participated in the much-loved tradition of making gingerbread houses to bring home for Christmas.  Below are some pictures of the kids creating and showing off their gingerbread masterpieces (click pictures to enlarge).

img_8571 img_8573 img_8576 img_8579 img_8581 img_8584 img_8586 img_8587 img_8589 img_8590 img_8593 img_8594 img_8601 img_8603 img_8611 img_8614 img_8619 img_8621 img_8623 img_8626 img_8629 img_8631 img_8637 img_8639 img_8641 img_8645 img_8649 img_8661 img_8665 img_8668