From the Superintendent

Dear Parents,

Dale Hoyt Superintendent of Catholic Schools for the Hartford Archdiocese forwarded the following message to all Catholic school Principals today asking again for parent support with the Catholic School busing funding reduction.  Please read below.  Thank you.

Dear Parents/Guardians of Catholic School Students in CT:

Please note that the Appropriations Committee reduced funding for Catholic school transportation (bus) services more than 70%. I need your support in contacting the Governor and key legislative leaders to reverse this reduction of funds.

We need to INCREASE OUR EFFORTS THIS WEEK by calling and stating the following:

Back in April the Connecticut General Assembly proposed a major reduction in state funding for Catholic school busing that many of us depend on to make our children’s attendance in a Catholic School in the State of Connecticut feasible. My name is _____________________ and I am a ( principal, parent, teacher, student, etc.,) at ____________________School in the Town of _________________ and I am asking Governor Malloy, Senators Don Williams, Martin Looney, and Toni Harp, as well as, Representatives Brendan Sharkey, Toni Walker, and Joe Aresimowicz to reverse the Appropriations Committee cuts to Catholic school bus transportation.

Use the listing to identify the appropriate key legislative leaders to contact at the following:

Governor Dannel Malloy

Senator Don Williams, Senate President Senator Martin Looney, Majority Leader
860-240-8600 860-240-8600

Rep. Brendan Sharkey, House Speaker Rep. Joe Aresimowicz, House Majority Leader
860-240-8500 860-240-8500

Senator Toni Harp, Appropriations Committee Chair

Rep. Toni Walker, Appropriations Committee Chair

Peace and blessings-
Dale R. Hoyt, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Catholic Schools
Office of Catholic Schools
Archdiocese of Hartford