Field Day 2014 Pictures

Yesterday pre-kindergarten through 7th grade students enjoyed a day of fun and friendly competition at the annual Saint James School Field Day.  Thank you to the many parent volunteers, 7th grade students, and even some of our recent 8th grade graduates who helped run the activities and kept the fun going all day long.


IMG_8918IMG_9221 IMG_9081 IMG_9024 IMG_9212 IMG_9008 IMG_9276 IMG_9176 IMG_8961 IMG_8967 IMG_8997 IMG_9194 IMG_9049 IMG_9016 IMG_9078 IMG_9163 IMG_9222 IMG_9190 IMG_9075 IMG_9186

IMG_9146 FieldDay2014-002 IMG_8953 FieldDay2014-019 FieldDay2014-032 FieldDay2014-034 FieldDay2014-030 IMG_9110 IMG_9161 IMG_9153 IMG_9092 IMG_9057 IMG_9250 IMG_9108 IMG_9259 IMG_8937 IMG_9198 IMG_9096 IMG_9271 IMG_9224 IMG_9011 IMG_9029 IMG_9226  IMG_9283IMG_9286 IMG_9288