Dear Saint James School Families

Dear Saint James School Families,

In light of the horrific situation in Newtown on Friday, we want to assure you that Saint James School does have safety and emergency preparedness plans that are evaluated on a regular basis.  Saint James School has a safety committee that meets throughout the year and we do have stringent plans in place (such as emergency lockdown drills with the children).  Unfortunately, Friday’s events serve as a harsh reminder that we all need to continue to be vigilant.

This morning, during the Rosary and Advent Wreath Lighting, we said a special prayer for “the families in Newtown.”  We are trying to maintain a sense of normalcy at the school and keep it business as usual for our younger grades today.  The 6th – 8thth grades were kept after the Advent Wreath Lighting and Father Cavanaugh did discuss with the Middle School students how, despite the grace of God, things like Friday’s shooting do occur because He gave us the power of “free will.”

Also, two members of the Manchester Police have been at our school today – on their own accord – to talk to Mrs. Kanute and offer their time and resources.

Mrs. Kanute will be sending home a personal communication from her to all parents today through the children’s school folders.  We felt this was the most appropriate way to speak to our parents – since not everyone in on e-mail or checks it daily – but for those of you who are, we wanted to give you a heads up of how things were communicated to the children today so you can be prepared.  Please be sure to look for the note from Mrs. Kanute in your child’s folder and don’t hesitate to call the school with your questions and concerns (860.643.5088).

May peace be with you and your loved ones during this time.