Author of the Year Project


CongratulatiIMG_0004ons to Kylie Rataic, the winner of the seventh grade Author of the Year project.  This month-long English Literature project had students utilizing research, creativity, persuasive writing, and presentation skills to campaign for a classic literary author of their choosing to be named Author of the Year.

There were three parts to the project: 1) creating a campaign poster, with a catchy slogan that incorporated the title of one of the author’s books; 2) creating an attention-grabbing campaign speech that included specific facts about the author; 3) creating a campaign jingle that used a familiar or made-up tune to highlight facts about the author.

After reviewing the posters and listening to all the campaign speeches and jingles, seventh grade students and teachers voted.  A winner was chosen in both the campaign speech category and the jingle category as well as an overall “Author of the Year” winner.

In the jingle category, seventh grader Justin Clark, who cleverly used the tune “Y-M-C-A” by the Village People to sing “V-O-T-E (for Henry David Thoreau),” tied for first place with Kylie’s “Don’t Stop Voting (for Agatha Christie),” which used the tune of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'”.

In the speech contest, Noah Percy’s campaign speech for C.S. Lewis tied for first with Kylie’s campaign speech for Agatha Christie.  The overall Author of the Year designation was won by Kylie for her author, Agatha Christie.


Below are some additional pictures from the project.


IMG_9985 Justin  IMG_9980  IMG_9984 IMG_9992   IMG_9972 IMG_9977