Attention Manchester Residents

If your 1st-8th grade child will be using the school bus during the 2017-2018 school year and DID NOT use the school bus this past year, please contact the main office by Tuesday, June 27th and speak with Mrs. Sager to have them added to the bus list.  Also, if you have MOVED and need to change your child’s bus stop, please also call Mrs. Sager by Tuesday, June 27th to let her know.

Incoming Kindergarten students and families new to the school for the 2017-2018 year do NOT need to call the office.  We will automatically add your child to the bus list if you are a Manchester resident and selected “Bus Transportation” on your application form.  If you are unsure what you listed and need to make sure your child is on the bus schedule, you may e-mail Mrs. Sager at

Please note, Tuesday is the last day to get your bus request in.  The bus schedule is typically not available until a few days before school starts.  We will e-mail that schedule out when it is available.  (Incoming Kindergarten students will receive an individual e-mail with their child’s bus information).