Reminder: Connecticut Neighborhood Assistance Tax Credit Program

Do you own a business or know someone who owns a business?  

Saint James School has again been approved by the State of Connecticut to allow select companies to designate a portion of their CT state tax dollars to Saint James School for us to purchase new windows for our facility (with absolutely NO cost to the donating business).  This is a win-win program for both SJS and the donating company, as the donating company can receive a 100% write-off for the donation on their State Taxes, and can also typically claim the donation on their Federal Tax Return.

In the past, our friends at Highland Park Market and Eversource have supported Saint James School using this pass-through program.  Their support is directly responsible for many of the beautiful new windows in our classrooms!

In order to be eligible to use this program, the donating company must be subject to select taxes.  The easiest way to know if your business qualifies is to ask your accountant. Details can be found HERE.

Please note, this program is extremely time sensitive and requires FORM NAA-02 be sent to the Department of Revenue between September 15th and October 1st.  That form can be found HERE beginning on September 15th.

Please reach out to Amy Guenther (x333) with questions.  As always, we are extremely grateful for your time and support of Saint James School!