Kindergarten Turkey Books

Tell Me About Turkey flip books, created by SJS Kindergarten students.

Turkey Time

Lots of turkey fun going on around SJS this week!  Third graders, for example, created a letter on behalf of Tom Turkey, declining an invitation to dinner.

Pre-K3 Turkeys

James Rizzi Cityscape Art

Last week during their art lessons with Mrs. Rafferty, students in K – 3rd grade learned about American pop artist James Rizzi and created their own Rizzi-inspired works of art.

Grade 2 Turkey Traps

Today for their STREAM class, our 2nd graders had to design and build a Turkey Trap.

Upcoming Uniform Sales

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4th Grade STEM Club

Our 4th graders enjoyed a fun STEM club after school yesterday with Mrs. Poth.

Brian Bags Service Project

Yesterday afternoon, several of our 8th grade students stayed after school to work on assembling “Brian Bags,” special care kits designed with members of the local homeless community in mind. Under the guidance of...


This month our Friendzy theme is "Love at all times."  Mrs. Alexander's 1st graders participated in a cute project to remind us how important it is to be kind.

MACC Collection Thank You!

Thank you to all the SJS families who sent in donations for the MACC food pantry this week. Your generosity will make a difference for so many this Thanksgiving!

5th Grade Book Report Presentations

Today our 5th graders presented their "Story Quilts" on a historical fiction book of their choosing.  The idea was to...

Happy Veterans' Day

Happy Veterans' Day to all those who have served and continue to serve our Country!

Discovering Catholic Schools in New England Week

This week Saint James School is joining our peers from across…

Pre-K3s Vote for Pete

Today our Pre-K3s participated in a special election – Peppa Pig vs. Pete the Cat. Pete the Cat won!

7th Grade Cell Project

As part of their Life Science course work, 7th grade students constructed a 3-dimensional model of a plant cell or an animal cell.  Students had to creatively represent the cell organelles....

Halloween Dress Down Day

Halloween $1.00 dress down for K-8 students and a Pre-Kindergarten costume party makes for a fun Friday! Money collected will be given to the St. James Parish Social Action Committee to purchase gift cards for families in need.

3rd Graders Build Roller Coasters

SJS 3rd graders have been learning about Forces and Motion during their Science lessons, so today during their STREAM Class, students used their engineering skills...

4th Grade Religion Fun

Yesterday, Mrs. Devanney's 4th graders had fun studying for their religion test by playing "Stump the Shepard" in pairs on their Chromebooks.  This jeopardy-style game is used by many of the grades at SJS for religion-lesson review.

Rosary Today

Special thanks to 8th grade students Sammy and Tricia for leading our school-wide Rosary (over the main-office intercom) this morning.

Last Call: Lands' End Uniform Sale

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