Donations for our 2019 Soiree Class Baskets are trickling in but we really need everyone’s help contributing to this important endeavor.  These baskets bring in thousands of dollars for our school and are very important to the success of this annual fundraising event.  We hope everyone will support all of the SJS parent volunteers involved in this important initiative.

Each student should have received a note from their child(ren)’s room mother(s) detailing the basket theme and items needed.  As an alternative, cash can be sent in (in a clearly marked envelope) that the room mother can use to purchase items needed for the basket.  If you have yet to send in an item, below is a list of items by grade. If you have any questions at all, they can be directed to the room mom for your child’s class or Robin Toomey at (860) 810-0079.

As always, we thank you for your support!

Pre-K… Barbie
1st grade…Movie Night
2nd grade …Cozy Book Time
3rd grade…CT Fun
4th grade…Family Game Night
5th grade…Chocolate
6th grade…Spa
7th grade…Gift Cards
8th grade…Scratch Tickets

Here are some pictures of the Soiree baskets from last year: