Why Saint James School?


There is a clear mission at Saint James School that creates a consistent framework impacting everything we do. Teachers in Catholic schools recognize they have a sacred responsibility to develop the full potential of each child: physically, intellectually, morally, and spiritually. Children educated in such an environment are generally subject to higher expectations with a strong, well-defined curriculum.  At Saint James School we teach for the sake of developing well educated, critical thinkers.  As such, our students routinely perform two to five grade levels above target performance on national standardized (IOWA) tests.


Saint James School recognizes that children are not always naturally inclined to put forth their best effort.  Discipline is, therefore, an important element in our school.  By “discipline” we mean structure and rules that encourage an orderly working environment and the development of good academic habits. These expectations are so much a part of our culture at Saint James School, that it provides a secondary support system for parents until each child finds his/her inner motivation.

Family atmosphere:

Parents often comment on the family atmosphere at Saint James School. This can be attributed a shared belief among those committed to educating their children at a Catholic school.  Regular activities that practice compassion and other virtues of Faith help to forge even stronger bonds within the school.

Reinforcement of home teaching:

Saint James School provides an oasis of parental support, particularly in today’s world where children may be constantly bombarded with negative messages. Children who receive consistent messages of faith-inspired values at home and at school are better able to navigate the world with less anxiety and greater confidence and to make good choices.

Faith-filled teachers and administrators:

Many adults remember a time when Catholic schools were staffed almost entirely by orders of religious dressed in recognizable habits.  Let us assure you that Catholic schools are no less Catholic for being taught by dedicated lay people, who see their work more as “vocation” than merely a job. Teachers at Saint James School are well vetted through the Archdiocese of Hartford and the strong majority hold advanced degrees in addition to state certification. And, like the children’s own parents, Catholic school teachers provide role models for students on how to live one’s Faith in an increasingly challenging world.

Availability of financial help:

At Saint James School, we have an onsite tuition manager who is available to help families wishing to educate their children at a Catholic school but unsure if they can afford the tuition. The financial aid process allows parents an opportunity for assistance that can be renewed each school year. In addition to financial assistance multiple payment plans are available.

Families with young children interested in learning more about a Saint James School education are encouraged to register for an upcoming Open House event or call the school to schedule a personal tour.