Welcome Back

Welcome back from April Break.  I hope everyone had a Blessed Easter with their family and your students were able to relax and enjoy some time reading and being outside during this past week.

As noted before break, the Governor announced distance learning has been extended until May 20th.  We all realize this is not ideal and everyone is dealing with this pandemic in different ways, but we appreciate your patience as we move forward as best we can.  Even before anyone heard of Covid-19, the safety of our students, staff, and parents was our number one priority here at SJS and that is still the case today.  I pray everyday that our families are safe during this unprecedented time.  Please continue to take care of yourself and your family and when we are safely able to to be back in our classrooms, I have no doubt that our community will be stronger than ever.

This video was originally sent from Father Lerner (SJS graduate and Mrs. Rafferty’s twin brother) and it really inspires me to feel more at peace each time I watch it.  I share it with you today in hopes that it brings you the same feeling of calm as we remind ourselves that we are in God’s hands and we can have faith that He is watching over us during this time: https://youtu.be/4rlSvRSS2kY

Finally, please remember to communicate with your child’s teachers and be understanding that this is unprecedented for them as well.  We all look forward to being back with your children as soon as we can.


Mrs. Zorger