At Saint James School, we believe the education of our children depends on a strong bond between the Home and the School, hence the Home and School Association (HSA).  The Saint James HSA is similar to what other schools may call a PTA or a PTO.   There is no fee to join the HSA and all parents become members upon registration of their children at the school.  We invite and encourage all Saint James School parents to actively attend the monthly meetings and participate in our social activities/fundraisers.

HSA Goals

The main goals of the HSA at Saint James School are:

  • Bring into closer relation home and school, whereby parents and teachers may cooperate as a team in the education of their children.
  • Fundraising – Each year the HSA sponsors two major fundraising events, a Catalog fundraiser in the Fall and a Gala/Auction in the Spring. Participation in the fundraisers by every family is essential because a portion of the funds raised at these events is pledged to the school’s operating budget. The success of these events has a direct impact on all families at the school.
  • Social Activities for the enjoyment of our families and school staff.  These activities include a Halloween party, Christmas party, Holiday Store, Tree of Blessings, Book Fair, Father/Daughter Dance, and Mother/Son event to name a few.

HSA Meetings

The Home and School Association (HSA) meetings occur once a month at the school.  Meetings typically begin at 7:00pm, but please consult the monthly calendar for exact times and dates.

At each meeting we:

  1. Prepare for the following month’s social, fundraising, and special events.
  2. Address issues from previous month if necessary.
  3. Have an open discussion.
  4. Plan for future months.