Volunteers of the Year

Congratulations and Thank You to our 2017-2018 Saint James School volunteers of the year: Mrs. Dufresne & Mrs. Herr.  These special volunteers were honored last night at the 40th Hopes Dinner at the Aqua Turf in Southington, where they received the St. John Newmann Award for Volunteer Service.

Both of our 2017-2018 volunteers have done so much for Saint James School throughout their time here!  Most recently, Mrs. Herr has been coordinating all of our Saint James School Masses (the monthly children’s Mass held on the 2nd Sunday of each month and the Masses our students attend during school) as well as working with the students that are participating in each one.  Mrs. Herr also co-chaired the SJS book fair last year (and the year prior to that), helps with lunch duty regularly, volunteers at HSA events, and is involved in many other volunteer capacities at our school.

Mrs. Dufresne has been volunteering her time at our school library on a weekly basis for several years now, as well as working with Mrs. Zorger (and previously, Mrs. Kanute) on publishing the monthly Saber Stories newsletter.  Mrs. Dufresne also runs the Box Tops program for our school.  In addition to other volunteer work she does for our school, Mrs. Dufresne has also been an exceptional substitute teacher for our school, often filling in on very short notice.