Volunteers Needed: Saturday Jan 5th at SJS GYM

Twice a year our school hosts the full slate of the league’s JV basketball games.  As such we are responsible to run the Scoreboard and Score book and handle Breezeway door entrance fee throughout the day.  The monies collected for the door goes a long way towards helping keep our Basketball player fee’s down and mitigate end of the year party expenses.

Our Boys JV team kicks off the games at 9 am and our Girls JV team has the last game at 3 pm.  There are 7 games in total.  We are hoping our Varsity Boys and Girls can sign up to run the clock and scorebook and then get Parents to volunteer to run the door and we will be selling  bottled water.

The link below will be used to help organize the volunteers.  Kids that volunteer will be credited for service hours so perhaps they can pair up with a school mate and help out for an hour or two. We only take a door fee for 2 dates throughout the year at Saint James so please take a look at this link if you can volunteer.



Thanks in advance for your help!