As you may recall, each month Saint James K – 8 students study a different virtue as part of their religion classes. Today during the Rosary, Mrs. Zorger recognized our students who best exemplified the virtue of Patience (as nominated by their teachers) during the month of January and introduced the next virtue our students will study: Kindness.  While introducing the virtue, Mrs. Zorger noted a favorite quote of hers: ” Every act of Kindness grows the spirit and strengthens the soul.”

To further connect with the virtue of Kindness, we are asking parents to help us recognize their child/ren for “above and beyond” acts of kindness outside of school.  When you see your child doing something that fulfills this goal, please fill out a “Caught Being Kind” certificate (coming home with students today or tomorrow) and send it back in to school.  As the certificates come in we will be hanging them on a bulletin board in the main hallway.