Virtual Field Day with Mr. Green

Tomorrow Saint James School will host its first ever virtual field day.  Mr. Green has put together SEVEN fun events that can be done at home independently or with a parent/sibling.  We understand there may be some parent involvement required for the younger students, so it can certainly be done over the weekend if tomorrow does not work for your family.  If your child/ren participate, please send a picture or email to their homeroom teacher and we will award them with a participation ribbon.

The following video from Mr. Green shows all the events and how to complete them:

Here are the items you will need:

* A water bottle with a little bit of water in it;

* Six PLASTIC cereal bowls or small containers;

* Six scraps of paper numbered 1 – 6;

* One pair of socks to make a sock ball out of;

* Laundry basket;

* Tennis ball or small ball;

* Towel;

* A ball (or several balls) made by balling up a piece of paper;

* Home-made Paper airplane (Folding instructions can be found HERE if needed).