Tips on Social Emotional Learning: Relationship Skills


Today we wanted to share information on Relationship Skills, another one of the 8 critical areas of importance for well-being.  As noted in our earlier emails, studies show that developing and nurturing important skills in our children can help them become happy, productive, and successful adults as they appreciate how to think and act in stressful or challenging situations.

The purpose of these activities is to remind children that the skills we all use to build and maintain strong, healthy relationships are learned. We develop them by thinking about how we want others to receive us, and then by actively working to be open, caring, and supportive as we interact with others.

Here is some information about developing Relationship Skills and how to use the “Who’s Great At This?” strategy to promote positive interaction and strong interpersonal skills: Relationship Skills

Keep In Mind:   Your relationship with your child has more impact than many other powerful influences they encounter – all of their relationships are measured against their “home base”: you, and the caring community of family and friends that you build around them.

Here are some creative ways to practice and encourage Relationship Skills in your home:

* Build a strong protective circle of adults and youth to whom your child can turn for advice or support by talking to them very directly about the people you value who treat others with kindness, respect, and caring attention.

* Cook with your child:  Ask your child to help make their favorite dish by following your directions, one at a time. Make sure to say “please” and “thank you” and acknowledge all of their efforts. This will not only help their learn about the art of listening, but teach their about the importance of being polite to others, especially while working on group projects.

* Complete the Who’s Great At This challenge: Who’s Great at This?

* Read stories together and talk about the relationships and interactions between the characters.