Important: Thursday Schedule

Tomorrow – Thursday, March 8th – is scheduled to be a 12:05pm dismissal day.  If school begins at 7:55am as usual, we will still have early dismissal at 12:05pm.  Students going to aftercare tomorrow will need a LUNCH FROM HOME.

***IF there is a 90-minute delay tomorrow morning, we will dismiss at 2:05pm tomorrow since it would not be counted as a day of school for us otherwise.  Please note, there will be no hot lunch served tomorrow so all students will need to bring a lunch from home if we will be getting out at 2:05pm.  School busses will still be available for Manchester students under both scenarios.

Please look on our website ( under LATEST NEWS (at the bottom) tomorrow morning.  We will post an update when we receive confirmation about tomorrow’s plans.


Drama club will be held after school on Thursday regardless of whether we have 12:05pm dismissal or 2:05pm dismissal.