Staff Appreciation Week & Luncheon

In keeping with tradition, Saint James School will hold several Staff Appreciation events during the week of May 29th. Hosted by the SJS HSA, this is a special way for our school community to show gratitude to the teachers, administrators, and staff for all they do for our children!

This year, to keep things simple, we are trying something new.  Instead of asking for families to provide specific items, we are asking for a donation of $5.00 per family (or any amount you are comfortable giving).  The donations will be used to cover a variety of special things for our teachers and staff throughout the week–treats, gifts, and a huge Staff Appreciation Luncheon on May 31st with tons of food and goodies.

Please send your donation (cash only please) in an envelope labeled Office, Attn: Amy Santangelo by this Friday, 5/4.

The Staff Appreciation Luncheon will be held on May 31 and we need volunteers to help out that day.  Please contact Amy Santangelo ( if you are interested in volunteering or have any raffle items to donate.

Thank you for helping us make the week so special for all the teachers and staff make our school so special!

** Please note, there was an error in the Saber Stories newsletter regarding the Staff Luncheon.  We are not using Perfect Potluck this year.  The May Saber Stories Newsletter has been updated to reflect the change.  We apologize for the confusion.