Special SJS Promotion: Big Y To Fund Scholarships

Today you will receive home, in your child’s school folder, information on a new program that Big Y markets is running for select Catholic schools in their Connecticut service areas.  Saint James School is honored to be among those schools.

This program is separate from (and in addition to) the standard Education Express program that Big Y runs for schools.  As such, Big Y has asked us to use a special registration form to have parents, grandparents, and other family and friends of the school apply for this program.

Please take a moment to locate the Saint James School program registration form being sent home today (attached to the flyer) and fill out the information to register your card.  We have also created an easy Online Form that you may use for yourself or family members.

If using a hard copy form, the completed information should be  sent back to the Saint James School office as quickly as possible to maximize our earnings.  Once Big Y receives your completed form from our school coordinator – Mary Gulish – we will automatically receive 6% of all your purchases made between October 15, 2012 – January 15, 2013.


At the request of Big Y, money raised by the promotion will be used to fund $500 scholarships to students at the school.  Some awards will be based on financial need and some on academic performance.  Saint James School is responsible for selecting the recipients.


Please forward this message to all family and friends who have a Big Y card too!