SJS Basketball Update

The Archdiocesan Interscholastic Athletic Conference, the committee that oversees the athletic programs for the Archdiocese of Hartford’s elementary and middle schools, has decided to forego a winter sports season this year due to the pandemic.

We have, however, been given the go-ahead to offer a clinic-style Basketball program this year, allowing interested students in grades 4-8 the opportunity to develop their basketball skills alongside their classmates in a cohort-friendly atmosphere.  Students participating would be kept with members of their grade (to maintain cohorts), masks would be worn during practices, and SJS Covid-safety protocol will be followed.

At this time, we are trying to get a feel for how many 4th – 8th grade students would be interested in participating in this program.  If your child would be interested in participating in a free, 5 week clinic (meeting once a week) to work on basketball skills, please complete the form below by Friday, 1/29.


The AIAC is planning to reconvene in early March to discuss the Spring sports season.