SJS Uniform Updates and Reminders

We are making a few uniform changes for the 2018-2019 school year. When you order uniform items for next year, you will notice the SJS online stores for both Dennis and Lands End Uniforms have been updated to reflect these changes:

Gym Uniform – We are eliminating the White t-shirt option.  Please only purchase the Gray gym shirt going forward.

Middle School Dress Shirts – the White (boys) and Yellow (girls) oxford button-down shirts are being removed from our uniform dress code.  Going forward, only blue button-down oxfords may be worn in the middle school (this mainly applies to the winter uniform for boys as very few girls select the yellow oxford).

If your child currently has the items being discontinued from our uniform policy we will still allow them to be worn in the fall.  However, going forward please do not purchase any of these items as they will no longer be allowed after the 2018-2019 school year.

Socks & Shoes – Black socks have been added to the boys’ dress uniform.  Navy Mary-Jane shoes have been added for girls in grades K-5 (must be navy not other shades of blue).


If your child opts to color their hair over the summer, it must be returned to its natural color by the first day of school to comply with the dress code.  Also, mohawk-style hair is not permitted so if your child opts for this style over the summer, it will need to be returned to a traditional cut by the first day of school.

Thank you in advance for ensuring your child follows our school policies.  Here is a printable copy of the 2018-2019 dress code.

Land’s End Website  School Code: 900117540

Dennis Uniform School Code: WB00SJ