SJS Kindly Requests Your Help

If you have not filled out the “Special Form” for the Big Y Scholarship Promotion – which only runs through January 15th – PLEASE take a moment to do so now.  Remember, this is a separate program from Education Express and you can only register by filling out the special form that was sent home from the school or by going online through our website (CLICK HERE).
We have 131 cards registered in support of SJS for Education Express but only 40 for the Scholarship Promotion.  Since the Scholarship Promotion will provide us with a check for 6% of everything registered families spend at Big Y, we hope to increase that number dramatically!  Unfortunately, Big Y will not let us automatically register those 131 cards and is requiring a special signup.  This is where we need your help…
Please take a minute to register your Big Y Card now by clicking on this link.
As always, we sincerely appreciate your time and support of our school!