SJS Advertising Campaign

In a time when a lot of other schools are struggling with a variety of issues, Saint James School is quickly approaching our 100th anniversary on a very positive note.  Not only are we the largest elementary/middle school in the Archdiocese of Hartford, but we have an exceptional reputation in our community.  We consistently hear feedback from alumni, alumni parents, and a variety of high schools about how well prepared SJS graduates are to meet the challenges of high school and beyond.

This enrollment season, we are excited for the opportunity to bring our school’s message to a wider audience:  The Saint James School Foundation (a privately-run foundation) and Saint James Parish have agreed to a joint effort to help fund a comprehensive advertising campaign for our school!

This one-time allocation of special funding from the Foundation and the Parish will allow us to go well-beyond the typical scope of our advertising efforts.  The campaign includes radio & on-demand-radio advertising, television/cable/tv-on-demand advertising, digital advertising, and social media advertising.

We are always very grateful to the Saint James School Foundation and to Saint James Parish for the annual allocation they provide our school to help us keep tuition costs down.  We thank both the Parish and the Foundation for the extra support this year as we seek to bring our school to a wider audience.

Below are the TV and Radio commercials that are already airing in advance of Sunday’s Open House.  We hope you will join us in continuing to share the Good News about Saint James School.

View Our TV Commercial HERE

Radio Commercials: