Reminder: Show Us Your Compassion

This month students are learning about the virtue of compassion.  Compassion is concern and regret for the suffering of others and it motivates us to relieve other’s suffering.  As we did with the virtue of charity in February, we are asking you – our SJS families – to send us pictures of things you do to practice COMPASSION during your everyday life.  


Perhaps you can show compassion by:  volunteering your time to help those in need; donating to a charity; collecting items for, or working at, an animal shelter; reading and discussing Bible passages and books about compassion; praying together for people who are ill, lonely or suffering; sponsoring a child; knitting scarves or making blankets for a shelter; taking time to really listen to each other’s feelings; advocating for the persecuted; spending time with someone who could use some special company; bringing cheer to residents at an assisted-living facility; keeping snacks and supplies in your car to give to the homeless or needy; sending cards to friends who are grieving; expressing thanks to your parents and teachers; showing extra kindness to family and friends who might be having a “bad day;” or offering assistance to someone who is hurt.

As an example, here is a picture of Bryce in 1st grade bringing flowers to a nursing home resident recovering from surgery.

In whatever ways your family chooses to show compassion, we’d love for you to share!  Email your picture with a short description to and we will put together a fun compilation to share with the school community at the end of the month.