Congratulations to the winners of Saint James School’s 7th Grade Science Fair:

1st Place – Dillon DantzlerThe Electrolyte Challenge: The country should run on Orange Juice.

2nd Place (Tie) – Jake Gangloff and Leyton Bulger:  Which Leavening Agent Will Rise to the Top?

2nd Place (Tie) – Isabel Quiros-Miranda : Effects of Light on a Solar Powered Mini Turntable.

3rd Place – Samantha Kellerman:  The Facts and Findings About pH and Common Drinks.

Honorable Mention Awards:

Irene Milite & Nora O’Callahan : Ready. Set. POP!

Gabriella DiSalvatore: Flex of a Hockey Stick: How Does it Affect Speed and Accuracy?

Sarah Siolkowski: How Does Sunlight Affect the Germination and Development of Cress Sprouts?

Thomas Edison-Inspired Ingenuity Award:

Aiden Garcia: How Far Will A Balloon Powered Car Travel

Great job Sabers!!