School Pictures This Week

Individual and Class portraits will be taken this week.

On individual portrait day, each student in the designated grades may wear clothing other than their uniform for the day (dress-down day).  Please note the standard dress-down guidelines apply:

  • No ripped or torn clothing
  • Shorts must not be more than 2 inches above the knee
  • No mini-skirts
  • No sweats
  • No tank tops, camis, halter tops, or spaghetti straps
  • No high heeds, platform shoes, flip-flops, backless shoes, crocs, or open toe sandals
  • No clothing with inappropriate logos, slogans, advertisements

The schedule for individual portraits is as follows:

Tuesday: Pre-K and Kindergarten

Wednesday: Pre-K and Grades 1 – 4

Thursday: Grades 5 – 8

Friday:  Class Pictures –

Please note, specific uniform attire is required for Class Picture Day:

Grades K-5 Girls:  Skort with polo

Grades K-5 Boys: Khaki pants with polo

Grades 6-8 Girls: Skort with oxford

Grade 6-8 Boys: Khaki pants with oxford and tie