School Pictures

Individual and Class portraits will be taken this week as follows

Individual portraits for students in K – 3rd grade:   Tuesday, September 11th
Individual portraits for students in Pre-K & 4th – 8th Grade:   Wednesday, September 12th
Class Pictures:  Thursday, September 13th

There is no paperwork or money that you need to send in at this time.  You will receive proofs of the pictures with ordering information (for if you wish to order) about 4 weeks after picture day.

Individual portrait day (Tuesday or Wednesday depending on grade of your child) will be a dress-down (or dress-up!) day for (only) the grades having their picture taken.  Students should wear to school whatever you would like them to have their picture taken in.  They will wear this all day.  Please note the standard dress-down guidelines apply (please refer to the school handbook for questions).

Class picture day (Thursday) requires specific uniform attire (winter dress code):

Grades K-5 Girls:  Uniform skort with uniform polo and navy knee socks/tights (Please utilize Navy polo if possible)

Grades K-5 Boys: Uniform khaki pants with uniform polo (Navy polo if possible)

Grades 6-8 Girls: Uniform skort with uniform oxford and Navy Knee Socks/Tights

Grade 6-8 Boys: Uniform khaki pants with blue uniform oxford and tie