School Bus Clarification

There may be some confusion as to what was printed in the recent Saber Stories about school bus transportation that we wanted to clear up:

1) If your child currently utilizes the school bus to and from home and you are still at the same address, you DO NOT need to do anything for the 2018-2019 school year.  Mrs. Sager will automatically request for your child to be added to the bus.

2) If your child will be getting picked up at one location (your house) and dropped of at a different location in Manchester at the end of the day (daycare, gramma’s house, etc.) you must complete a special form.  This form is ONLY needed for students using the bus that are picked up by the bus and dropped off by the bus in different locations.  The link for the form and information can be found HERE.  (we realize the form still says 2017 and have asked the town to update it.  For now, please cross off 2017 and write 2018 when you fill out the form).

3) If you have a new student coming into the school and would like to ensure bus transportation is set up (or have other bus-related questions) please contact Mrs. Sager at 860-643-5088.

Thank you!