Saturday’s Soccer Schedule

Below please find the full Saint James Soccer Schedule for tomorrow’s games.  The 11:30am game for Saint James Blue was inadvertently left off the original e-mail sent on Wednesday.


08:00am MCC-2 Corpus Christi-Blue vs St. James-Yellow
09:30am MCC-2 Cornerstone CA vs St. James-Royal
09:30am COAK-3 St. James-Blue vs St. Edward
11:30am  COAK-3 St. James-Blue vs St. Paul

J V:

09:00am MCC-1 St. Bernard vs St. James-Gold
09:45am MCC-3 St. James-Gold vs Corpus Christi
08:00am C/Oak-2 St. Edward vs St. James-Ivory
08:00am C/Oak-3 St. James-Pearl vs St. Christopher
08:45am C/Oak-3 St. James-Pearl vs St. James-Ivory
11:30am C/Oak-1 St. James-Cobalt vs St. Gabriel-Gold
12:15pm C/Oak-2 St. James-Cobalt vs St. Martha-Black