Saturday's Soccer Schedule

Please note, there was a game missing from yesterday’s schedule announcement.  The 2nd SJS Blue Game (7th grade) is added into the update below.

St. James soccer starts this Saturday (finally!).  Please see the updated schedule below.  C/Oak indicates the game is at Charter Oak Field in Manchester.  MCC indicates the game will be at Manchester Community College in Manchester.  Each coach will inform you of their preference but in general please plan on arriving at least 15 minutes prior to game time.

As a reminder please have you children wear shin guards and proper shoes.  Athletic shoes or plastic molded cleats are acceptable.  No jewelry is allowed (this included pierce earrings, watches, wrist bands and hard plastic hair clips/bands). Please have you child bring a water bottle for the games.  Please write their name on it. In the past, there have been time where we have had 10 Poland Springs 0.5 liter bottles on the sideline and no one knew which one was theirs.


8:00am MCC-2 St. Gabriel vs St. James-Royal (grade 8)
9:30am MCC-3 St. James-Blue vs St. John Paul ll (grade 7)

10:30am MCC-3 St. Paul-Burgundy vs St. James-Blue (grade 7)
2:30pm MCC-2 St. James-Gold vs St. Edward (grade 6)


9:00am C/Oak-3 St. Gabriel vs St. James-Cobalt (Grade 5)
9:45am C/Oak-2 St. James-Cobalt vs St. St. Martha-Red

10:30am C/Oak-2 St. Martha-Black vs St. James-Pearl (Grade 4)
11:15am C/Oak-3 St. James-Pearl vs Corpus Christi

1:15pm MCC-1 SJPll-Blue vs St. James-White (Grade 3)
2:00pm MCC-1 St. James-White vs SJPll-Blue


Good luck Sabers!