Reminder: Saint James Church Bible Discussion Group

Save the Date:  Wednesday May 3rd @ 7:00PM Bible Timeline Discussion

The Bible is much more than a book. It is where God meets us, reveals himself to us, and shares his loving plan for our lives. You have a personal obligation to know and understand our faith as it is handed down to use through Scared Scriptures and Scared Traditions. Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible helps uncover the story woven throughout Scripture so you can get the “big picture” of the Bible.

If you want to discover the riches of Scripture, I invite you to join us in Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible by following the 90-Day Timeline Reading Plan (Click to Open) and then join us on Wednesday May 3rd @ 7:00 in the St James Church Hall to discuss and have your questions answered. The Bible Timeline Reading Plan will help you begin to read and understand the Bible.  All Saint James School families are welcome.

90-Day Timeline Reading Plan