Safety Reminders

If you are dropping off a child in front of the school breezeway in the morning, please do not pull away WHILE watching your child walk into school.  You need to be looking in front of you and closely watching the crossing guard (and the entire crosswalk area).

The crossing guard was in the crosswalk this morning and had a very close call with a parent’s car (due to them watching their child and not the road). Unfortunately, this is not the first time this has happened. We really need everyone doing their part to ensure a safe start to our school day.

Also, as a reminder, we do not allow dogs on our property during morning drop-off and afternoon dismissal (even when we dismiss outside).

The safety of our students and families continues to be our number one priority.  Thank you for your attention to these matters. 

Please pass this information along to any family members/caregivers not in our email group but take part in dropping off or picking up.